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Rancho Santa Fe resident Robin Parsky’s Blue Angel wins at Dublin Horse Show

Blue Angel, an 11-year-old Anglo European Sporthorse(AES), owned by Robin Parsky of Rancho Santa Fe, won the prestigious JLT Dublin Stakes Aug. 10 at the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show held at the Royal Dublin Society show grounds. As a representative of the United States at this

Yoga in Encinitas classroom stirs fears of religious teaching

Is teaching yoga to kids a form of religious indoctrination? About a month ago, a California judge ruled that yoga could be taught in the Encinitas Union School District without violating the constitutional separation of church and state. But the plaintiffs will probably appeal the decision. The

Emergency responders deal with tragedy, sometimes joy around Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

 The ambulance at Rancho Santa Fe Fire Station 1 sat idle, if only for a moment, as paramedic John Salinsky contemplated the upscale North County beat he works for San Diego Medical Services Enterprise, the area’s 911 paramedic provider. “This is a lot different than working downtown,” Salinsky

Feeding the Rich

 Day 124: (hundred dollar bill, y’all, school inequalities are black and white, and making up research) Position: Driver Number of Deliveries: 11 Sales: $339.71 Tips: $59 Hours: 2.75 Total Wage: $29.45 per hour When I arrive at the first delivery of my second run, a stocky man,

Solana Beach writer brings in ‘The Closer’ to save the literary day

Longtime Solana Beach resident Alan G. Mindell has authored novels since his 20s. After receiving hundreds of rejection letters,  the time has come for his moment in the sun. H finally makes his debut as a published author — at 72 years old. Mindell kept each rejection letter

The Frugalheads: Something funny happened on the way to 40

Who are we?  Well-educated, ambitious, caring, adults.  Parents of two young boys, 3 and 7 and one slobbery dog.  Fred was a journalist, a published author, Francine was a tenured community college professor.  We were busy, busy, busy.  Then Fred’s mom got Alzheimers, and slowly everything started