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Chinese turn to ‘Face-kini’ to block sun at beach

The “Face-kini” has taken Chinese beach-goers by storm this summer. Face-kini appears to be the ultimate sun block. Not only are they turning heads. They’re covering heads as well. A lightweight face-knit, or ski-type, mask for the beach, called a balaclava, Face-kini-clad beach-goers from Qingdao up the

Fortieth anniversary of Nixon resignation from office is Aug. 9

Forty years ago on Aug. 9, 1974, Richard Nixon threw in the towel on a troubled presidency and resigned from office. The only U.S. president to resign, Nixon was brought down by the giant Watergate scandal and other factors related to allegedly criminal behavior and cover-ups. The

Comic-Con ‘ZombieWalk’ no laughing matter as car strikes passerby

The annual passage of rite at Comic-Con International, the 8th Annual “ZombieWalk” turned poignantly bizarre around 5:30 p.m Saturday. That’s when a driver startled by zombies struck a 64-year-old woman with his car breaking her arm as he tried to get away from the crowd. Zombies from

Growing Up In Rancho Santa Fe (sort of) In The 1940s

By Sally McKenney   I stood at the edge of the driveway as my mother’s car circled around and exited the big iron gates which clanged shut behind her.  I waved goodbye but did not see anyone wave back.  I was four years old.  I burst into

Irving Gill’s spirit is all over Oceanside

Drive around Oceanside some time and check out Irving Gill. While time erases much of what we know, Gill remains, or what remains of Gill, is an important, and perhaps overlooked, part of the Oceanside landscape. While a longtime Carlsbad resident at 4th Street and Pine Avenue,

Former RSF Resident Writes About The Perils Of Country Living

Another gem from my Writing For Life student.  Rosalie Cushman THE BISHOP’S DOG By Sally McKenney It was the early 1950′s.  I was nine years old and in the first semester of fourth grade. I was living with my mother and grandparents in Rancho Santa Fe at