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Local ironworker Paul Pursley spent 10 weeks at Ground Zero following Sept. 11

Sept. 11, 2001: Local ironworker Paul Pursley spent 10 weeks at “Ground Zero” following attack. “Ironworkers worked every day,” Pursley said. “We went on 12-hour shifts starting at 6 (a.m.) or 7 (a.m.) The more iron we cut up, the more firemen we could find. But we

‘Affluenza’ deadly DUI teen’s dad arrested for allegedly impersonating police officer

“Affluenza” apparently runs in families. The father of a Dallas teen who avoided prison in connection with a June 2013 drunk driving crash he caused killing four people was himself arrested  on allegations he pretended to be a police officer. Authorities said Frederick Anthony Couch said he

Income inequality gap large and growing in China, economic researchers say

While income inequality has become a huge issue in the U.S., the income gap in China is even larger and growing more rapidly, according to economic researchers drawing on a wide variety of new data. Reasons for the wide income gap include substantial regional differences and a

Washington ‘Redskins’ name controversy: What’s in a name? NFL analysts take sides.

The Washington “Redskins” name controversy continued to gain momentum recently. Two leading NFL TV game announcers, Phil Simms and Tony Dungy, said they wouldn’t refer to the team by its longtime name many consider an offensive slur to Native Americans. Hall-of-Fame former quarterback with the New York

Charlie Sheen call home: Engagement to former porn star Brett Rossi may be on the rocks

Charlie Sheen, surprise, has been having second thoughts about his latest engagement, in this case to former porn star Brett Rossi, according to reports. Fresh off taking the ALS ice bucket challenge during which he dumped money, not ice, on his head before calling out Chuck Lorre,

Chinese turn to ‘Face-kini’ to block sun at beach

The “Face-kini” has taken Chinese beach-goers by storm this summer. Face-kini appears to be the ultimate sun block. Not only are they turning heads. They’re covering heads as well. A lightweight face-knit, or ski-type, mask for the beach, called a balaclava, Face-kini-clad beach-goers from Qingdao up the

Fortieth anniversary of Nixon resignation from office was Aug. 9

Forty years ago on Aug. 9, 1974, Richard Nixon threw in the towel on a troubled presidency and resigned from office. The only U.S. president to resign, Nixon was brought down by the giant Watergate scandal and other factors related to allegedly criminal behavior and cover-ups. The